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Conceptual powers differ from all other abilities in the way that they function. Essentially, while various skills and supernatural abilities require the user to direct their own effort and attention in order to achieve the desired result, conceptual powers act directly through their associated concept. The user merely needs to guide the concept to function as they desire, and it will provide the effects, if they are within its scope.

As a consequence, conceptual abilities tend to be incredibly powerful and versatile. Within the scope of their concepts, they are almost limitless in their potential. Having almost no cost to their use, they can be employed so long as the one possessing the power has the will and mental clarity to direct the ability. Those with full mastery over their abilities may even control them on an unconscious level, having the world automatically rearrange itself to suit their will.

There is no way to acquire such abilities, short of being born with them, or in certain very rare cases, having an exceptionally powerful being bestow one with such a power. Furthermore, the only "training" or development of these abilities come through gaining a deeper undstanding of the concept.

People with access to full conceptual powers are very few, and those that do hold power over concepts generally are limited to the control of only one. There will generally only be one person that will hold full control over a single concept -- a person that would be none other than said concept's very embodiment.

List of Concepts


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Far more than its simple name would suggest, it embodies one of the fundamental forces of reality - that of change, interpretation, and ultimately, equality.

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The Unknown

Given the expanse of the universe, there is no such thing as knowing everything. That which is not known is the unknown-- and one of the greatest fears is the fear of what is not known.

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Identity and the Undefined

Identity is something that everyone and everything that is, and will ever be, possesses. They are known by a word, or a name, or a physical form -- or perhaps all three.

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Perception is what we might consider the result of the combined experience of all of one's senses - the means by which someone is aware of the world around them.

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(This Power/Ability is still under construction. It could be reworded, completely changed in scope, or even up and moved without notice. Thank you for your understanding.)

Distance is, in symbolism, representative of trial and, in retrospect, overcoming the obstacles you face. Perhaps it is best explained by the saying “It is not the beginning, it is not the destination; it is the journey that takes you there.”

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Manipulation of Existence

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