Edge of Perspective


Edge of Perspective - an IRC based Roleplay

"There's only users and ops, really." - Bai Ze, 2016

An Introduction (of sorts)

These are the quieter lunatics; the ones who went mad with power (because it's simply no fun going mad otherwise) - the administrators, moderators, managers and operators who somehow make this all keep taking place. They are many and they are different, but for the purposes of simplicty, and because I will bore you if I prattle on too long, I will simply state that they've been grouped into three categories (because things often come in threes, innit?), and that all of them can ban you.

The Tetrarchy
These people lead EoP. And by lead we mean steer. And by steer we mean hold on to something and try not to scream as the whole thing keeps on hurtling forward at speed. Or something along those lines. They're the top of the pyramid, however, being the seniormost of the admins, and the only ones who therefore have any special authority (EoP's organisational structure is rather flat for the most part, because we try to keep things chill over here). Their only unique responsibility is to act as a steering committee for large-scale or otherwise important decisions regarding EoP, the EoP RP, or the technical resources dedicated to such things.

The Council
The council forms the rest of EoP's core administrative team. They may have various specific responsibilities, including but not limited to: forum moderation, IRC ops, Wiki Editing, GMing, Contributing to various aspects of the setting in terms of either lore, writeups, concepts and ideas, or advice and/or information; or providing technical advice and/or support. Together with the tetrarchs, they form EoP's day-to-day management structure.

Tech Support
They're the technical team. The Bastard Operators from Hell. They, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, do the impossible for the ungrateful. They have done so much, for so long, with so little, that they are now qualified to do anything with nothing - but would much rather do nothing with anything. Theirs is the deep magic and heavy wizardry that drives the entire operation, and the influence to more than supply you with trouble should you cross them. Most of them don't RP, or don't actively RP, and generally they don't deal with RP matters, so don't bother them with RP matters.

Realistically, they think you're stupid. You don't understand what they do. They can fix your problem. You will probably be made to feel stupid. Have better problems next time.It probably won't be held against you. Just don't be a jackass.

The Tetrarchy

User Role(s) Timezones Notes
cxl Co-Founder
Lead Technical Admin
Lore Admin (Daoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese Mythology, Sumerian Mythology, Indian Mythology)
Setting Admin (The Gaitianhui, The Hanseatic League, The Commonwealth, Großdeutsches Reich)
South Africa
(UTC +2:00)
Tech Support/Philosophy/Bad Jokes.
More active at (local time) night, due to work.
null Co-Founder
Lead Community Manager
Canon Admin (Touhou)
Setting Admin (Original Concept, The Warlands, "Spirit", Großdeutsches Reich)
Eastern US
(UTC -5)
Founder of the IRC and a lazy but usually helpful admin.
Can be seen online (although perhaps not active) most days from 2pm(10am on weekends)-12am.
Firefluff Senior Administrator
Lore Admin (Japanese Mythology, Aztec Mythology, Tentative Hinduism, Tentative Buddhism)
Setting Admin (The Hands of Urqest)
GMT -7 The floof. Usually always around, a good person to ask if you don't know something.
Has way more characters than is probably healthy
Plushy Senior Admin
Setting Admin (The Nomadic Pact)

The Council

User Role(s) Timezones Notes
Dryhavich Senior Moderator
Lore Admin (Balto-Slavic Mythology, Finnic Mythology, Germanic Mythology, Germanic Iron Age Research, Mythological Research, Medieval Theology)
Setting Admin (The Romuva-Suomenusko Alliance (Waīdilawīngjan Swentāinan), Hanseatic League, Großdeutsches Reich)
(UTC -08:00)
Seems to be an insane Rus' man gone a 'viking that has taken up residence on this wiki.
Will trade amber for mead and iron. You'll find him somewhere... holding a narrow bridge... (Online sporadically.)
Patches Moderator
IRC Operator
Technical Advisor
Canon Admin (Kantai Collection)
Setting Admin (ACNC Fleet)
( UTC -8)
Rumoured to like boats.
Probably wants you to get a job.

Tech Support

(because working support sucks)

User Level Role Timezones Notes
cxl Lead Tech Admin IRC Network Administrator
Services Root Admin
Forum Administrator
Server Operator (IRC Hub, IRC Services,, mumble)
South Africa
(UTC +02:00)
So powerful that it's in two categories at once.
Nazeo Senior Tech Admin IRC Operator
Forum Administrator
Server Operator (wiki, forum)
(UTC -06:00/UTC -07:00)
Pm cxl if I am needed
Fauxm Tech
IRC Server Administrator
Server Operator (wiki, forum,
US East Coast
(UTC -05:00/-04:00)
Yells at computers and those that use them.
Best reached on IRC.
Online frequently.
Bai Ze Lead Tech
Services Root Admin
One-Lioncow Secret Police Force
South Africa
(UTC +02:00)
bastard administrator from hell.
BlueSky Webhost Hosting Provider (IRC Hub, IRC Services, mumble)
Assistant Server Operator (IRC Hub, IRC Services, mumble)
South Africa
(UTC +02:00)
Owns the server that acts as the hub for the IRC network. Also apparently some sort of webcomic artist. Practically never online, unless something has gone wrong.