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Item Description Tasks User Assigned
Creation of Template: Faction To create a faction page template to represent the organizations within Gensoukyou. Proper coloration with css, complete with symbol picture, ideology with a link to it's page defining it, members of the faction and anything else required Templates Creation, Implementation Nazeo (Template Creation, Implementation)
Revamp Template:Infobox Character Create a Warbox styled character box. Will need help in editing this for all characters Template Redesign, Implementation Nazeo (Template Redesign, Implementation)
Revamp Template:Locations Redesign the template to currently reflect the environmental considerations each species should have Template Re-design, Implementation Nazeo (Template Re-design, Implementation)
Rewrite of Front Page Rewrite the frontpage to continue pushing forward with the rapidly evolving community. Rewrite Nazeo (Rewrite)
Issue Barnstars & Paypal awards on Forums Create incentives and fun little stylized awards for members Design, Implementation cxl (Design, Implementation)
Create the About page Describes what EoP is, and is not Article Creation cxl (Article Creation) BaiZe (Article Creation)
Rewrites of Power Rating & Radial Power Graphs Change the power ratings to current accepted standards Rewrite The Community (Rewrite)
Discussion of growth rates and skills How growth should be accounted for in the characters as well as skill sets they have Discussion The Community (Discussion)
Template:DidYouKnow Adding in more trivia Amendments The Community (Amendments )
Sourcing art Make all art source-compliant Sourcing The Community (Sourcing)
Begin weekly broadcasts Begin a community update roundtable every week, perhaps located in the mumbles. Discussion The Community (Discussion)

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