Edge of Perspective


Edge of Perspective - an IRC based Roleplay

READ the rules.

Failure to follow the rules will get you in all sorts of trouble.

OBEY the rules.
Failure to comply will get you banned.

The rules are set by majority decision undertaken between Edge of Perspective’s administrators.

If you are unsure about any rule(s), then contact one of the admins and they will explain.

Basic Rules and Uncommon Sense

Zeroth Law

The decisions of the administrators in any situation is final and overrules any and all rules and prior decisions.

In the result of any ambiguity, or other special cases, the word of the administrators is final. The admins make decisions via consensus, and may seek input from the rest of the community as needed, on a case-by-case basis.

  • When there aren’t enough administrators online to reach a consensus, a temporary decision will be made until such a time as a full discussion can be held.
  • Individual administrators can and will use their judgement when dealing with a matter, and will bring the issue up for later debate where relevant.

First Law

Consensus is preferred over judgement.

It is preferable that matters be resolved to the satisfaction of as many individuals as possible, in as many cases as possible. To this end, remember that dialogue is more valuable than conflict - if you can resolve an issue by talking it out, then do so. Better a bit of (spirited, if need be) debate, than a lot of grumping and yelling and someone getting banned.

Remember to do your best to remain respectful.

It is in everyone’s best interest to not escalate matters to the point where direct action needs to be taken.

Second Law

This community exists for the benefit of its members.

It is meant to be an enjoyable place to be. Anyone who interferes with this, by: Making this place unpleasant; causing trouble; attempting to lawyer the rules; offending other members; or anything else - will be banned.

Remember that what is acceptable to you may not necessarily be to others.

  • Yes, senior members’ opinions do count for more in these cases. This is because they have been around longer and are more reliable members of the community.
    • This does not mean we discriminate against newer members.
    • But it does mean the people who’ve stuck around get preferential treatment.
    • Be aware of this fact.

If someone has been annoying/harassing/insulting you, or otherwise made your time here unpleasant, then please keep logs and present them to one of the admins.

  • If this person is an admin: Contact either the community representative, or lead admin.
    • If this person is the community representative or lead admin - you’ve probably brought this on yourself.

Third Law

In the event that you feel any rule is incorrect, inconsistent, unclear, or that some judgement needs to be reconsidered: Contact the community representative, Firefluff, and let them know.

They will assist in clearing up any issues, and if need be will bring the matter to the other admins for further discussion.

  • This is not a license to freely bug Firefluff at all times!
    • Please have considered the matter and only raise issues you feel are real issues. We want to help, but if everyone keeps complaining all the time then this becomes impossible.

Other Rules

  1. Edge of Perspective RP canon trumps any ”official” canon, popular fanon, theories, etc. This means that, where this wiki has information on a subject, it is considered the final word on that subject within the scope of this RP. This means that attempting to use Touhouwiki, the games, or even the word of ZUN himself to try and overturn something here WILL FAIL and you will also be annoying.
    • The purpose of this is to allow greater creative freedom. We are open to new ideas, headcanon, and/or modifications to existing ideas, when it makes sense - cause discussion, not arguments.
  2. The actions of individual characters are at the discretion of their respective players. Treat other characters as your character would treat them. This RP is not your chance to meet and make smalltalk with all your favourite Touhous - it is an attempt to create a realistic and immersive roleplaying experience for those who find pretending to be Youkai on the internet to be fun.
  3. Generally, talking about the Touhou fandom's idiocy is something we want to avoid, because like the above example, it can be very annoying. We don't want to listen to your stupid jokes about Sakuya's bust size or how Cirno is supposedly overpowered. Don't be a fandom sheep and do nothing but spew memes and jokes, because nobody wants to put up with it.
    • Similarly, talking idly about the fandom's habit to pair Rinnosuke with random characters is not only gross, often without any sense at all, and tends to sexually objectify characters. Talking about this in a public chat will probably lead to a kick, because it's also something that nobody wants to hear about, and it will probably get more than one admin in a bad mood.
  4. Remember that EoP is not a public service. Being here is not a right, it is a privilege. Acting in a way that is disagreeable or violating any of the rules may lead to you being banned temporarily or permanently, and you will have no one to blame but yourself.
  5. We will not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of age/nationality/gender(gender identity)/sexuality/race/religion/creed/preference of fruit( ;-) )/etc. If you do openly discriminate against any of these then you will be discriminated against and possibly banned for your troubles. We advise you either: a) Turn back now or b) Swallow your ignorance for your own good.
  6. Please be respectful and do your best to enjoy yourself.

Roleplaying Rules

  1. Be mindful of your character’s power, and refrain from any overpowered actions and/or godmoding. There is zero tolerance for this. This extends to “failing to die when killed” - if a sufficiently powerful character does something that would reasonably be expected to kill you, then do everyone a favour and die. Not only does it enhance the RP experience, but it also means we get to put the Touhou setting’s many afterlifes to good use.
    • As a corollary to this - there will be some people you can’t hope to outfight. Either avoid conflict or try to get them to agree to a nonlethal duel.
  2. Try to be sensible with conflict. Yes, it’s fun to stalk and kill weaklings, but having all RPs degenerate into fights will get old, quickly. Remember that when RPing everyone should be trying to make it fun for everyone else.
  3. Always use open ended attacks. This allows people to react. There are exceptions, but these only apply to VERY powerful characters fighting weaker characters. E.g. Yukari can use a closed-ended attack against Kageki, but not against Eiki.
    • Good: Nue lunges at Gennai, attempting to bite his head off.
    • Bad: Nue disembowels Gennai, killing him instantly.
  4. Absolutely no metagaming for any reason. You do not know anything beyond what your character can reasonably know in the RP. Metagaming ruins the RP experience for everyone other than the metagamer and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    • Certain characters’ abilities may give them knowledge they might not have otherwise. If you are writing for such a character, or intend to, talk this over with one of the GMs before you begin.
  5. If you intend to take a canon character, then please make an effort to be available at least 3 days a week for RP. If you are going to be gone for any length of time, please let us know. You will lose your character if that character is not played for two weeks or up to a month with notification.
  6. NO R-18 in public channels. This is purely common decency. Take it to query (PM), or a private channel instead.
  7. No forced sexual activities. Raping is BAD, m'kay.
  8. Relationships are at the discretion of the writers, provided the relationship makes sense. This means relationships should develop in a natural way, and be in accordance with both characters’ personalities. Don’t ship characters just because you, the writer, likes them - it’s bad form and will probably get you yelled at.
    • Basically: the relationship has to develop for ACTUAL reasons in RP. Every single detail needs to be thoroughly and sensibly acceptable as realistic, both "as it would happen in reality" and based on each character. Relationships are not toys - they are a serious attachment between two characters that develops over a decent amount of time. If you want your character to be involved in one, do not take this lightly. Whether it is between two canons, two OCs, a canon and an OC, F/F, F/M, or anything else - people will >:C at you if you do not take it seriously enough to have it make sense.

Combat Rules

Because we've noticed a tendency for fights to become excessively drawn-out affairs, with neither combatant willing to properly acknowledge their injuries, the following rules have been added addressing this:

  1. You must react to every attack. Unless there is a great difference in power between opponents, nobody is going to be ignoring attacks or injuries, and even then, it's only polite to respond to the other person's actions.
    • Doing "nothing but dodging" is not okay either. Again, unless there is a great difference in skill between the two combatants, attacks are going to find their mark. Expect a lot of near-misses and grazes. Brief moments of intense dodging are okay, but nobody can maintain that level of focus indefinitely. Be sensible.
  2. Danmaku is not something you simply shrug off. While they can be tuned to less damaging levels, at full power they are fast, powerful magical attacks, that will have effects comparable to that of firearms, at the very least, and often being more powerful than that. Simply taking a direct hit from fully powered danmaku will be lethal in almost all cases.
    • Spell Card rules allow for formal, less-than-lethal duels between participants, but it assumes enough respect between the involved parties to have them agree to limit their attacks in certain ways. You cannot force your opponent to use spell card rules - talk it over with them before the fight starts.
    • Injuries have a significant, detrimental effect on one’s ability to fight properly, if at all. Being injured is going to make you slower, weaker, and less able to both defend yourself and attack your opponent. Also, the pain is likely to disrupt your concentration. Try to take this into consideration when fighting.

IRC Rules

  1. The OOC Channel is a little lenient with the rules. This does not mean there aren’t any. If you’re unsure, then simply be respectful and polite in the mean time. You'll get the hang of it soon enough. We can be silly sometimes but you can make the wrong impression if you are too quick to jump in.
    • Also, do remember that merely imitating the senior members can come across as overly forward. Many of the people here have been friends for some time and so can be somewhat more casual with one another.
    • We don’t know you (yet). But we’d like to change that.
  2. Spamming / flooding is annoying. Yes, there are times it’s done for fun, but don’t make a habit out of it. When in doubt - be sensible.
  3. No nickname impersonating/copying. It’s annoying, and disrespectful. If you need to do so for an RP, then make sure there is some way people can tell that it’s not really that person (But again, no metagaming with this).
  4. Even if someone accidentally reveals their password, do not use it. If you are found to be using someone else’s account without their permission, you will be banned.
  5. Don't beg for ops. If you need it, you'll be given it. If you haven't gotten it, you don't need it.
    • Admins are sleeping dragons. You annoy an admin at your own risk.
  6. Colours are not allowed for permanent use. You may use colours for emphasis, such as single words or statements, but do not abuse them. The reason for this is that different people have different backgrounds and it hurts their eyes to read colours. We try to be lenient with this, but if you are asked to stop, then stop.
  7. All NSFW or potentially NSFW links (such as to danbooru or similar) should be tagged as such. All outright pornographic content should be kept to PM.
  8. Most importantly: We value open discussion, but frown on any disrespect. If you have any problems, ideas, musings, etc. then feel free to speak up, but if you do so purely to disrespect or annoy other members, then it will be seen as looking for trouble, and trouble will find you.

General Guidelines

  • Everyone gets along in the OOC channel. We’re all trying to be friends here. If you don't want to get along with everyone else there and want to start a ruckus, then you are probably in the wrong place. If you have a problem with someone, state so, but try keep it civil.
  • When RPing, or otherwise available for RP, it’s nice to remain in a channel that logically represents where your character may be. For example: Reimu would be in the Hakurei shrine, Eirin would be in Eientei, and so forth. This allows RPs to happen more easily, and more naturally, as one could go visit a character much as you would IRL, by going to where they live or spend most of their time.

Typing Guidelines

  • All OOC talk outside the OOC channel, is enclosed in double parentheses -
    (( Like this ))
  • Thoughts are enclosed in single parentheses -
    (Like this)
  • Other languages are enclosed in angle brackets -
    <Like this: Rawr! I'm speaking Dragon!>
  • In line actions are enclosed in asterisks, like this -
  • Please try to type correctly, especially when roleplaying. Atrocious typing or "txting" is undesired and makes your character look bad. Outside of RP, it makes you look bad.