Getting started

Edge of Perspective - an IRC based Roleplay

Things you should read first

If you are at this page, you are most likely new here. As such, you may be an experienced roleplayer, or you may just be starting out! In any case, it is important to know quite a few key factors before you hop into our little community.

First off, take a moment to read the rules and guidelines. Keep in mind that we expect you to have read them and agree to following them. Worry not, we tend to be a bit relaxed on a lot of them.

Next, you want to learn How2: IRC in case you don't already know how IRC works. More info may be found in the FAQs section of this page.

If you have any complaints or concerns, you can voice them in the concerns page, otherwise you can contact an admin in the IRC.

Do be sure to read the guides and helpful pages section near the end of this guide! They can help you get on track with roleplaying and making characters~

Touhou Based Roleplay; Our Alternate Universe and Setting


As far as overall “tone” goes ( assuming I’m interpreting this correctly ),we’re aiming for... a less-fanon-ish land of happy sunshines and rainbows. Gensoukyou is a land full of human-eating monsters that won’t think twice before considering what kind of sauce you’d go well with, as opposed to hugging you. Granted, Gensoukyou has points where we can all sit around and sip tea, but then there’s the youkai forest where humans go to get slaughtered ( unintentionally or other ).

So! Frankly speaking, this is not fanon. At least, it is not the majority of fanon. This is a Touhou Based Alternate Universe (TBAU~). It is of our ( the admins ) design while still somewhat adhering to the basic touhou foundation.

Things to keep in mind

  • This place is harsh, PEOPLE DIE ( especially delicious humans ). Remember this before role playing with us, as if you start complaining and crying because your character got killed by anything other than something that breaks the rules, we will a) Laugh at you, b) Glare at you, c) Yell at you, d) a,b, and c with an extra ban for your troubles.
  • Canons can also die if they make bad decisions. Take good care of your canons.
  • Things here /should/ happen as they would in real life. If, you know, real life had sub-human and inhuman species capable of all kinds of crazy magic. (“Sub-human” is such a rude term. :’I)
  • EoP Canon includes not just history that has happened in touhou, but also in various different sources and mythologies. Like the Lovecraftian lore.
  • Once again, this is /NOT/ a "Zomg chen is so kawaii >x<" or "This place is moe-tastic" paradise. This is a serious role play with a serious setting. No matter how much we plaster this fact around, it'll still slip people's minds. Those people will be slapped.

The GMs and what they do

Here at EoP, we have certain "Game Masters", or GM. They set the setting and choose who or what gets included or rejected from our alternate universe. Their word in regards to the setting is law and will only be changed under rare circumstances.

The reason for this is to keep organization in the RP, rather than have a thousand and one different headcanons crashing together and setting things on fire. Granted, they try to stay their way from the headcanons writers have for their own characters, but if you don't like what the GMs say, then you are under no obligation to stay and may freely leave.

The current GMs are as follows:

  • cxl (Xiangdeng Tiandao) handles lore and mythological background.
  • null (Rinraku no Youjin Kageki) handles the p̶l̶e̶b̶s̶ community.

How2: Application

The application is relatively short and painless and comes in two parts:

  1. Applying to be a member of EoP
    • You can do this by going to The Application Forum, making an account, and applying in the section I just linked to.
  2. Applying for a character (if you've been accepted)
    • This can be accomplished by making an overview of your character ( Name, race, gender, backstory, etc ) and putting it up for review in the Character Applications forum. If applying for a canon, be sure to put some of your headcanon in as well.

Guides and helpful pages

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: Why does <blank> work like <blank> when touhouwiki says it's <blank>

A: No

Q: Do I need to be the name of my character?

A: Not necessarily. It makes it easier to tell who's who, that way, but as long as you have some way of noting who you're playing as, you should be fine. It is, however, recommended.

Q: I have an idea/correction/etc for EoP canon

A: Provided you're not just blindly quoting touhou wiki/wikia at us, feel free to ask any of the DMs, but mostly either cxl/Tiandao or null/Yukari/Kageki, etc etc. Don't be surprised if you're ideas are rejected, though, as we are pretty strict on our canon.

Q: Despite the mostly female population, can I still have a straight canon?

A: Of course. There's nothing to say you can't. Please do be sensible with any romantic relationships you may find yourself in, if any, though. We're pretty strict on development.

Q: My character has died, what do?

A: For OCs, if death occurs, the best thing you can do is move on and make another, not beg endlessly for a resurrection. In the case of a canon, a resurrection may be possible. Try to discuss it, civilly, with one of the GMs.

Q: Can I ship so and so with so and so? Pleeeeeeease?

A: Hold on there, Jeff, relax. Things like that are to the discretion of the writers and characters, really. Really, it's a case by case basis, but a rule that holds for any relationship is that it must take some time to develop and must be done within reason.

Q: Why can I not have this stupidly powerful character? *whine whine*

A: Simply put, we do not trust you enough. Work on that.