Kujakukoukotsu no Kuusoushiki

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孔雀恍惚 の 空想指揮
Kujakukoukotsu no Kuusoushiki
She Who Observes All the Sounds of the World
More Titles

Species Devi/Deva/Deity
Nickname Guanyin
Age ~900 Million years
Occupation Goddess of Mercy, Helping sentient beings escape the Samsara
Location Varies
Personality Understanding, collected, and merciful. Can be motherly and protective at times. She also has a bit of a playful streak, but she's harmless most of the time. Disapproving of immoral actions.
Power Manipulation of Self-Concept

Thousand Arms of the Grand Deva (Battle Theme)

Dharma of the Great Ones

Slow Dance Under the Moon
Danger Level low
Power Level Extremely High
Friendship Level High


(Yeah, just going to list notable events because ahahaha, 900 million years of backstory, I'd never finish.)

From the ripples of that which cannot be directly defined, the unchanging reality amidst the cosmos brings about an entity not unlike those that came before it. As its gaze fell upon its surroundings, the whispering of changes echoing through its being, a Devi observes curiously. Seemingly created out of nothing with an already somewhat vast store of knowledge, yet with nothing to do. It simply watched and waited, staring out into the cosmos in search of anything which could break the silence of that which has no light.

The being began to meditate on what it knew, quickly forming its own dharma and beliefs. However, this state is disturbed somewhat by by the whispering wind of change. Upon investigation, the Devi happens across a planet. While the planet is still somewhat quiet, changes have begun to take place, and so the Devi watches, curious about the results of such a thing.


The Devi's wait proves to have been worth it, as a fully sentient race is born unto the world. Of course, they cannot understand one such as the Devi. It seemed that its presence as it was happened to be quite harmful to the new creatures. In order to move about them more freely, it takes a similar shape. Like that, it enjoys playing around in their affairs, touching upon conflicts they have with each other or other beings around them. These beings become more and more advanced, blossoming into the human race. This change pleases the Devi, as they seem to be willing to think of greater things than merely obtaining sustenance.

It begins to teach these fledgling beings, sharing its beliefs with them and establishing a dharma among humans. Not long after, it becomes a deity of these humans, gaining many names for itself among them. Of course, since it is sharing its thoughts with them, now, it deems fit to think upon such things more, developing and structuring its dharma into a more defined form.

This teaching soon develops into Buddhism among the humans. It does notice that outward appearances seem to matter greatly to the humans, and so it experiments over the years, looking at the results. Eventually, it grows bored and chooses one of the human genders with which to identify with, female. Under this guise, it is given the name Avalokiteśvara. Not much longer after that, it comes to be known as Guanyin in China as an immortal of sorts.


The Lotus Sutra is written, in it containing some of Avalokiteśvara's teachings. It establishes her as a benevolent being that takes the form of anyone or anything in order to teach dharma to sentient beings. However, the sutra is imperfect, most humans are not ready for true enlightenment.

She turns her attention to China once again, where Daoists begin to revere her, not dissimilar to a deity, her teachings are seen as the way to become immortal. The author of the Tao te Ching comes to her, curious, perhaps, about her reasons for teaching the humans this dharma. She gladly explains her methodology in what turns out to be a very nice talk about philosophy.

It comes to be not long after that Avalokiteśvara comes under the title of 'The Goddess of Mercy' due to her dharma against vengeance, favoring a more forgiving ideology.


She vows never to rest until she has freed all sentient beings from the samsara, however, she realizes that she does not have the required knowledge to save every being, and her head comically explodes into eleven pieces. She is aided by the Buddha Amitabha, who (also rather comically)causes the pieces of her head to become eleven separate heads which think upon what she must do. Although, she manages to return to normal. In a similar incident, her arms exploded out of frustration in not having the ability to help everyone. Once again, the Buddha Amitabha granted her one thousand arms in order to help those in need. She thanks the Buddha, even if his assistance was rather unnecessary in these instances.

She feels the need for a self identity that is not fully known to the world, thus taking a more personal name of Kujakukoukotsu no Kuusoushiki. This name is given only to those who ask who she is, if only while she isn't coming to speak about a serious matter.

She observes an area in Japan that Tiandao had visited a few times and decides check things out for herself, discovering Gensoukyou, noticing the ‘suffering’ of the Humans there, watching for opportunities in which she can aid them. From there, she sees fit to speak with the major faith centers of Gensoukyou before going about any other business. Once done, she notices that many beings in Gensoukyou are inexperienced fighters. While it is within her dharma to promote peace, it is still necessary to learn the knowledge of self defense. As such, she creates many 'avatars' that roam Gensoukyou; each of these avatars appears to simply be a normal denizen of Gensoukyou, but their experiences and actions are monitored by Guanyin herself. The avatars seem to be sentient in and of themselves, with their own thoughts and desires, they are merely guided by the Devi to do her bidding while she is busy with other things.


Understanding, collected, and merciful. Kujakukoukotsu is always willing to lend a helping hand to those that she sees as worthy of receiving it. She is often considered the personification of compassion and kindness because of this and even serves as a patron of mercy. She spends much of her time meditating on the troubles of the world, seeking a way to end the suffering of all things, however, she knows that such a thing is not really possible given human nature. She could be called idealistic, preferring to see things how they should be (subjectively), rather than as they are, and as such can sometimes become disconnected from important situations. Kujakukoukotsu also has some motherly habits, scolding those around if they do something morally ‘wrong’. In general, she strives to improve the world around her in any way she can. That said, those that do wrong by her can expect a either a scolding, or if the situation warrants it, ‘light punishment’; but as the goddess of mercy, she will avoid any permanent damage and apologize after the event is over, if she is able.

Regarding her mannerisms, she often speaks in a cool, flowing voice that seems to feel like fresh water upon one’s body. She carries a fan, often using it to hide her mouth when she speaks. She does it much more often when she is upset so that no one can see her frown. Any other time she does it, it is merely out of a sense of politeness.


Manipulation of Self-Concept. Self-Concept reflects everything that one knows about themselves, how they view themselves, how they think others view them, and so on. It encompasses the present self, the past self, and the future self. By looking back at what they were like in the past, one can see their past self, but can only observe; however, there may be some aspects of your past self that you cannot see, your past incarnations. By forming goals and desires, one can create a future self, which is essentially who they want to be or what they want to change. The view of one's self is incredibly subjective and is thus able to be manipulated by Guanyin. For example, your past self, perhaps even one of your past incarnations, may have been a murderous brute. Guanyin can manifest that into a physical form, forcing you to deal with your past in a much more direct way than would normally be possible. She could do something similar with your future self, letting you test your mettle against what you would normally call an improvement (although whether or not this is true is determined by the present self). Tweaking the target's self knowledge and self esteem is also within her grasp. By altering a target's self esteem, it is possible to remove the opponent's will to fight, thus preventing any unneeded violence (of course, the target's self esteem can be set back to normal).

It almost goes without saying that this power can be extremely dangerous since the past and future selves manifest physically and possess all the power that was once, or may be the target's. Guanyin prefers to fight with these manifestations rather than her own power, as it is much easier to control. Of course, if pushed far enough, the manipulation of self-concept could make the 'self' cease to exist. Once that happens, the person becomes an empty shell. The body and soul are still intact, but they will have forever lost themselves, living corpses. Still, this kind of thing is extremely harsh and would be kept for the ultimate punishment, only fit for the worst of the worst.

She is also able to temporarily alter the state of things around her in the sense of the past and present. For example, she could alter the state of a broken sword to be oriented to how it was formerly, causing the sword to be repaired. Likewise, she could change something to be more oriented towards a future state. The problem with orienting something to a future state, however, is that a non sentient thing cannot determine what it wants to become, and thus is shaped by everything around it. So, trying to change a house to a future state would be affected by nearby people's feelings for the house. Once she is finished, she can return the target back to its present state, thus ending the effect of any previous alteration.


None at the moment, having never seen the system before.



-Seishien no Seisaiko: One of Guanyin's major shikigami. She relies on Seisaiko to watch things for her when she is too busy to deal with them otherwise, just in case.

-Lalitavistara: Another of Guanyin's major shikigami, this one embodies change itself. She is very wise, but soft spoken. It is often difficult to get her to speak. However, between Guanyin and Lalitavistra, things can be expressed without words, much to the puzzlement of even the other shikigami.

-Koufusha no Iwakan: The last of Guanyin's major shikigami, as well as the youngest. Of all of the shikigami under Guanyin's command, this one is the least understood, and many question the reason that Guanyin keeps it around. Those who are well versed in Buddhism may understand, however.


-Xiangdeng Tiandao : They met at one point after many Daoists began revering Kujakukoukotsu as an immortal and had a small discussion about philosophical things before parting ways. However, the Devi tries to keep tabs on it just to see what it is up to.



-Avalokiteśvara is often associated with peacocks and vegetarianism.