Edge of Perspective - an IRC based Roleplay


The funnies


Dictionary - The general-use number for describing large amounts of something. Often, this word is used as an over-exaggeration, however it's use can describe values easily over thousands, just undetermined.

Usage - "Shiro has cheated on his wife with 27 women!"

Yakitori Grill

Dictionary - The correct way of referring to a certain ocean-going food preparation appliance.

Usage - "The Yakitori Grill has been assigned to the 1st Fleet!"


Dictionary - Whenever you mess up royally. Often describes death, explosions, or other manners of being destroyed.

Usage - "Looks like Nazeo accidentlyed the wiki again..."

DJ Miko

Dictionary - Used to refer to Toyosatomimi no Miko, whenever she plays music with untz untz.

Usage - DJ MIKOOOO!!! Dance Sign ~ Rave In The Divine Spirit Mausoleum!


Dictionary - Not to be confused with PTSD, PDSD ( Post Dramatic Stress Disorder ) is the event when someone ( usually admins ) react badly to certain things that are related to a very dramatic fit of drama. Usually this will result in any of the following acts when a certain word, phrase, or anything pertaining to a dramatic event is brought up: twitching, screaming, foaming at the mouth, spontaneous combustion, sudden head-bashing, etc etc

Usage - /me sees the name Alex and immediately curls up in the corner, twitching erratically.


Dictionary - The honourable game (or the big game, in fact, the biggest of games) where proud sportmen and great teams gather from across the land, assembling upon the venerable sportfield in order to match their sporting skills against one another, for the reward of goal points and possibly some manner of trophy. Frequently, this contest involves challenging the ownership of a ball, possibly on the yard line, in order to drive it into the opposing team's net and slam-dunk a "hole in one" upon which as many as eleven score points may be awarded. This is known as "touching down". The word "Goal" is often also bellowed. Winning the sports is often accomplished by wielding various sport-sticks in arcane manoeuvres such as "the scrimmage", "the birdie", "home running", and "bending it" (Nobody is quite sure what is bent). Achieving goal points in sports is often a source of great pride, and onlookers may engage in spirited violence in order to display their pride in their local sporting association. The sticks also make for fantastic improvised weapons.

Usage - &Bai_Ze prods Sima with a hockey-bar. SPORTS!


Dictionary - Also known as Baijiu, it is a very special elixir that is essential to maintaining Sima Tiandao's good mood. It also aids in dealing with the effects of Tpyos.

Usage - ~Sima_Tiandao guzzles a crate of wine and is immediately at least 20% happier.