Outside World

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Outside World
The world beyond Gensoukyou's great barrier.


The world outside of Gensoukyou , accessed by passing through the Hakurei Border in any direction.
Notable Inhabitants

General Information

The world beyond the great barrier - home to all of humankind, and those Youkai that didn't migrate to Gensoukyou.

It is not, in most respects, the most welcoming place to many of the sorts of people who make their home in Gensoukyou - Youkai, Gods, Spirits, and the like often struggle to exist here, oppressed by a powerful aura of human disbelief. Yet it is not impossible - scattered communities of Youkai do exist, and the Perspective Yaoguai’s followers hold much power in secret. At the same time, there are also humans who remain aware of and interact with these powerful beings - shamans, witchdoctors, and priests of several different churches, as well as many living in small, isolated communities.

To this day, there exist several religious orders and a handful of shadowy government departments that work to safeguard mankind from Youkai.

Notable Youkai Communities

  • Qingcheng Court: The largest organised community of Youkai in the outside world. Formally ruled by the Perspective Yaoguai, Xiangdeng Tiandao, but its day-to-day operations are overseen by a council of ministers. It’s mostly active throughout Asia, but does maintain a North American Commandery as well. It’s mostly engaged in protecting the interests and continued existence of Youkai on Earth, and considers itself the guiding authority for all of Earth’s Youkai.
  • Sado: An island off the coast of Niigata prefecture in Japan, home to the largest community of tanuki still intact in Japan (estimations place the total population of tanuki to be roughly ten thousand). For the past four hundred years or so, Sado has been ruled by the Chief Tanuki Mamizou Futatsuiwa, though leadership has been transferred over to her elder brother Danza during her stay in Gensoukyou. For the most part, humans and tanuki in Sado get along very well, and the humans acknowledge the superiority of their tanuki chief. Most tanuki in Sado spend their time disguised completely as humans, but there is still a handful of older tanuki that do not bother to hide their true selves.
  • Sápmi: Perhaps one of the largest unorganized communities of Youkai in the Outside World. Within these confines of deep taiga forest, much of which is past the Arctic Circle in Fennoscandia, an impressive and ancient menagerie of youkai exist, known as "Hiidet" to the native inhabitants. There are quite a large amount of smaller organizations of Hiidet here, the most notable being Louhi's Pohjola in the far north region. Pohjola is also connected to a huge community of youkai in Siberia and Eastern Europe, and is conducting ongoing political discussions with the Romuva-Suomenusko Alliance.


Xiangdeng Tiandao: The Yaoguai of Perspective officially lives in the outside world, but often spends its time elsewhere. When on Earth, it resides at a monastery/palace atop Mt. Qingcheng, and is considered by the Qingcheng Court to be the leader of all Youkai on Earth.

Bai Ze: As Tiandao's shikigami, the Bai Ze also resides in the outside world. He splits his time between Mt. Qingcheng and his great archive at Samarkand, but often travels aboard his ship, The Xuanshi.

Makoto Rinbayashi: A xian in service to the Perspective Yaoguai, who acts as Prefect of the Kuoyuanyou Commandery, overseeing the Qingcheng Court’s operations in North America. As one of Tiandao’s senior servants, though, he is occasionally called to attend to matters elsewhere.

The Horned Cat: This strange creature also makes its home in the outside world, although it doesn’t live anywhere in particular, and appears in various locations as needed. It seems to have a particular fondness for the abandoned city of Pripyat, however.

Entry Requirements

In order to reach the outside, one would have to bypass the great barrier. As only Yukari and Tiandao are known to be able to do so freely, one would probably have to gain their assistance to visit this location - which could be trivially easy or virtually impossible, depending on who you are.