Tips On How To Sucess

Edge of Perspective - an IRC based Roleplay

Okay, Assuming that you came here, you want to be successful, or at least, keep some chaos out of your life.

Chapter 1: How to read body language

You probably know the basics, being a human. For example, when you see someone with their arms folded, you can assume that they are frustrated. Crossing your arms comes as a temptation, right? so you need mental discipline. So try and resist the temptation when you don't want to appear as an antisocial crab.

Other tips are looking at their stance. If they lean backwards, they might be in fear or relaxed. If they lean forwards, chances are that they're trying to act the big mean boss. If they thrust their chest slightly forwards and they appear much more confident, it's because of their stance.

Also, their tone of voice. There are subtle differences that can change how you think someone is feeling. If a person speaks formally but is stanced improperly(slouching, octopi-like movements), they might just be putting on a brave face.

Look for subtle signs also, like fidgeting, wayward glances and whatnot. They indicate lying.(More on it afterwards.) But some people are smart enough to not allow signs of lying, and sometimes, the environment may be uncomfortable and the actions you take(wiping sweat, scratching back of neck) may cause a person to make them think that you're lying.

Chapter 2: How To Make Others Think You're A Boss

Your stance makes a Massive difference. If you slouch while telling your Minion Underling subordinate to do something, subconsciously, they take you as tired. If you want something done, square your shoulders and stand up straight.

When you are talking to your boss about something serious, try presenting your ideas in a more confident manner, so that he will take it more seriously.

When reporting bad news to anyone, try not to look overconfident, but instead try to speak in a calm voice while taking a neutral stance, as to not appear as it you are rubbing the bad news in the person's face.

Chapter 3: How to Lie

Sometimes you may find yourself in circumstances in which you may find yourself having to deceive someone. In which case you tell them either a half-truth or a lie.

A good lie is a believable lie that does not show any sign of lying, and may contain part of the truth. A bad lie is a lie that shows signs of lying, but may be believable. An absolutely horrible lie is one that only happens in the hands of panicky idiots, and is unbelievable.

One: Relax.
Try and take your time, and say that "I might've forgot" or something similar.

Two: Don't Fidget.
Very important, don't rub your neck, fiddle with your hands, or scratch anywhere. Even if you aren't lying, don't do this.

Three: Eye Contact.
Keep eye contact, but just enough so it doesn't appear odd. So just continue eye contact as normal. When walking, pay attention to where you walk with some glances at the person you're speaking to.

Four: Language.
Saying "y'know" doesn't really work. Try and speak per the norm.

Chapter 4: Arguments

You'll get these. Now, to be honest, I am no expert. So you can develop these techniques however much you want.

One: Keep your emotions out of this.
Emotions, in arguments, will serve to hinder you. Ask yourself: "Why am I this way?" When you figure this out, you can progress from here. When you react, the circumstances will influence your actions. when you respond, the situation has nothing to do with your action. You have thought it through, and have not allowed your emotions to affect the action. Just act with enough emotion to assure that the opposing side knows that you are still human.

Two: "Pls to no threats"
When you make threats, usually it's something like "or else I'll kill you!" or something cheesing along those lines. And when you think about them afterwards, do you really want to do them? [1] Normally no. So keep threats out of this UNLESS you know exactly how to do the threat.

Three: Lead, not push.

  1. Murder is messy for the first time. Try stabbing the base of the tongue. It contains a major artery.

(to be continued. STILL IN PROGRESS)